Set up synchronization between SuperOffice CRM and Gmail / Google Workspace


In this How-to article we are describing how to set up synchronization between SuperOffice CRM and Gmail / Google Workspace.

If you want to see a detailed overview of how to create a profile in Synchronizer please see this chapter.

Intended Audience

This article is intended for persons who are administrators for Synchronizer.


The following prerequisites are required before you follow the steps below.

  1. A (demo) subscription of Synchronizer, to sign up, follow this URL: Synchronizer registration
  2. A SuperOffice CRM login name with administrator rights
  3. A Gmail / Google Workspace account
    Gmail account (Free)
    Google Workspace (Basic, Business and Enterprise, more info)

    Note: The Google Administrator needs to enable Administrative API Access and he/she needs to have the role Help Desk Admin or higher (only for Google Workspace).

Configure Synchronizer

  1. Log into Synchronizer.
  2. Create a profile. Click Manage > New Profile > Next.
    Note: A Sync Profile is a collection of settings and linked users who use the same email system. Usually, a company has 1 email system, and in such cases also one profile is needed. If a company has multiple email systems, like Microsoft 365 and a handful of Google Workspace users, then the company would need two profiles.
  3. Name your new profile. 
  4. Select the CRM system and Gmail / Google Workspace.
  5. Connect to SuperOffice.
    Log in with your SuperOffice Credentials.
  6. Connect to Gmail / Google Workspace.
    Login with your Gmail / Google Workspace Credentials and allow the Synchronizer to view users on your domain.
  7. Click Next to continue the wizard.
  8. Set the preferences for SuperOffice and Gmail / Google Workspace.
  9. Click Next to continue the wizard.
  10. Configure Time Zones and advanced settings.
  11. Click Next to continue the wizard.
  12. Link users.
  13. Click Next to continue the wizard.
  14. Start Synchronizing.


Extending the idea

This how-to article describes how to setup Synchronizer between SuperOffice CRM and Gmail / Google Workspace. Synchronizer can also run against Exchange and Microsoft 365.
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Setup synchronization between SuperOffice CRM Online and Gmail / Google Workspace