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This page contains the version history of the SuperOffice for Wordpress app

Release 5 (20-05-2022)


  • Added insights for an extra layer of security.

Release 4 (14-03-2022)


  • Improved the reset settings page.

  • Technical migrations for the internal framework.


  • Added the ability for the user to reset the settings.


  • User is now being redirected to the settings page after first registration, to improve flow.

  • Show the amount of contacts that are able to transfer in the panel dialog.

  • Improved the setting page.

  • More detailed logging and insights into customer settings.


  • Published Wordpress plugin that fetches custom roles from Wordpress.

  • A background process is now taking care of the transferring of data.

  • Support all types of selections that have a contact shadow selection.


  • Improved the font in the panel dropdown to be the same as SuperOffice.

  • Improved default configuration.

  • Improved message when transferring an user with existing email.

  • Small changes in privacy policy.