Version history SuperOffice for Webex


This page contains the version history of the SuperOffice for Webex app

Release 5 (20-05-2022)


  • Added insights for an extra layer of security.

Release 4 (14-03-2022)


  • Improved the reset settings page.

  • Improved the handling of retrieval for Webex spaces.

  • Changed the Webex card image to the person image of the associate for certain SuperOffice events.

  • A fallback message containing information about the SuperOffice event is now being provided in case the Webex card can’t be shown in a Webex space.

  • Technical migrations for the internal framework.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Webex card image was not shown correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where the information about the event was not shown correctly in case multi-language was configured in the SuperOffice settings.

Release 3 (14-02-2022)

New features

  • Added the ability for the user to reset the settings.

  • Added advanced settings that make it possible to filter on sale probability and sale amount for created and edited sales.


  • User is now being redirected to the settings page after first registration, to improve flow.

  • Added more details to the Get Started section on how to install the app.

  • More detailed logging and insights into customer settings.

Release 2 (21-12-2021)

New features

  • Support for notifications for the creation of service tickets.


  • Small changes in privacy policy

Release 0 (00-00-0000)

New features

  • Initial Release