How to use SuperOffice for Wordpress


With the SuperOffice for Wordpress app a SuperOffice user is able to transfer a SuperOffice selection with companies & contacts to Wordpress. 

How to

Go to your SuperOffice environment.

Start by creating a selection of type Company/Contact in SuperOffice.
Note: Other selection types are not supported yet.

When you have created your SuperOffice selection go to the www tab on the selection.

It shows a new panel from which you can transfer the selection members to the Wordpress role of your choice.

  1. Select a Role from the list. Read this page if you don’t see all the roles in the list.

  2. Click Start Transfer – a dialog with the results is shown after the process.

  3. The contacts are now transfered from SuperOffice to Wordpress.


You have learned how to transfer SuperOffice selection members to Wordpress