Synchronize Google video meetings


Is it possible to synchronize Google Video meetings


Yes this is possible

Note: When configuring Google Video meetings for the first time you will have to turn off the Diary Sync active option in Settings & Maintenance > Preferences > Global Preferences
IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you do this please make sure you disable your Synchronizer profiles. Failing to do so will give you duplicates in your calendar.
When the Google Video Meetings is configured you need to turn the Diary Sync active option back on and also enable your Synchronizer profiles again.

Also be aware of the following situation:


When a user creates a video appointment in SuperOffice a link is created attached to the appointment. When this link is navigated to for the first time a new meeting will be automatically created in the Google calendar with the same details and including a meeting link. We do not want to sync this appointment as it will appear as a duplicate to the user.


  • SuperOffice are assigning to each video appointment a unique SuperOffice Id which will be visible when synchronising the appointments from Google Calendar

  • Id format is:


  • If the appointment has a SuperOffice Id we know it was automatically created and we will not sync it.

So for the moment in these kind of situations the Google Calendar will have 2 entries. One created by navigating to the link attached to the appointment in SO. The other created by the Synchronizer.
We will only keep the one appointment created by the synchronizer in sync. The other appointment will not be updated.

This is how things work at the moment, it might be subject to changes later on. We will of course update this article when changes arrise.