Create a synchronization profile (SuperOffice Onsite)

System User

To let Synchronizer for SuperOffice connect to the SuperOffice Onsite NetServer, a dedicated SuperOffice system user is required. Create this system user in “Settings and maintenance” of SuperOffice. Use a strong password and only use it for the Synchronizer.

Creating the profile

When your SuperOffice for Synchronizer environment has been setup, an e-mail is sent to the administrator to be able to log in on the Customer Portal. Perform the following steps to create a new synchronization profile:

  1. Click Set Password from the received mail

  2. Enter a password and choose to Login With Password

  3. Click the Create a new synchronization profile button

  4. Now select the connectors for syncing; CRM System is SuperOffice CRM Onsite and select your used Calendar System (Google (Gmail/Google Workspace) or Microsoft 365)

  5. Click Next and sign in to your Calendar System. Below example is from Microsoft365. More info about connecting Calendar Systems here

  6. Next, enter the NetServer Services88 URL (https://<your_SuperOffice_url>/Remote/Services88) as explained in the requirements and fill in the credentials of the created System User

Click Next to go to Step 3 in the profile wizard. From here you can continue with the guide for SuperOffice Online, since these steps are similar. See here.