Synchronize video meetings


Whether you’re heading to a critical client meeting or a casual catch-up with your colleague, it only takes one click to get there with the new SuperOffice CRM video meetings.

Today, almost every event is hosted via video. Whether it’s a large conference, a meeting with customers or clients, or a drop-in with a colleague – the new go-to-venue is a video conferencing tool of your choice.
With the SuperOffice CRM video integration tool, it is now possible for you to join any video meeting, hosted by the most popular video conferencing tools, virtually anywhere in the world, in just one click.

If you’re holding a meeting, all you have to do is click on the video conferencing icon. SuperOffice CRM will then automatically generate a meeting space for you and provide the link in your appointment.

If you’re attending a meeting, you simply have to click on the Join meeting button in your SuperOffice CRM appointment, or in the reminder pop-up that will ping you before the meeting starts.

SuperOffice supports the following video conferencing providers:

  • Zoom

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Google Meet

  • Cisco Webex

  • Jitsi Meet (free to use, no subscription needed)

Synchronizer video meeting invites

Setup Video meetings for SuperOffice

This article describes how to connect, configure, use and disconnect Microsoft Teams.

Synchronize your video meetings

With the Synchronizer for SuperOffice CRM it is possible to synchronize your video meetings from SuperOffice to Outlook and Google.

Note: When configuring Google Video meetings for the first time please read this article carefully:

From SuperOffice

Start by creating a new appointment in your SuperOffice calendar. Click the video icon to create the video meeting.

The Synchronizer will now detect that the appointment has a video link and will synchronize this to the external calendar. In the example below an M365 calendar.

From the external calendar

Create a new meeting in the external system with the option for a video meeting. In the example below a meeting is created in a M365 calendar

The Synchronizer will now detect that the appointment has a video link and will synchronize this to the SuperOffice calendar. You can start the video meeting by clicking the Join meeting button