The Synchronizer can be configured to run in Impersonation mode.
This will be a good solution for companies who have the policy to change their passwords every x weeks/months.

This is only possible for Hosted/Onsite Exchange, not for Microsoft 365. The reason is that for Microsoft 365 there is no option to turn off the Throttling policy


Before we, InfoBridge, can configure the Synchronizer the following things need to be prepared
by the customer.

  1. Exchange Web Services and Offline Address book need to be accessible by Synchronizer. If
    auto-discover is not configured we have to receive the URL’s from IT or retrieve them from a
    configured Outlook client, see also this article:

  2. Access to these URL’s can be verified using our check site:

  3. A ‘Sync User’ needs to be created in the domain of the customer. This user is a domain user with
    a mailbox in Exchange

  4. Impersonation access needs to be configured for the new sync user:

  5. Throttling needs to be disabled for this sync user by creating a custom throttling policy:

Sign Up (Only for new customers)

  1. The customer signups up for the Synchronizer using the regular page

  2. A profile needs to be created but not completed yet, going to step 2 is enough. The users should
    not be linked yet. We need to enable ‘Sync User’ functionality on the profile first. Please contact
    InfoBridge for this

Configure the SyncUser 

  1. After InfoBridge has enabled the ‘Sync User’ feature you can continue

  2. In step 2 ‘Configure Systems’ the user-specified for Exchange should be the new ‘Sync User’

  3. Users can be linked now, they will not receive an email to set up their Synchronizer as we already
    have access using the ‘Sync User’

The Synchronizer uses the following IP address to connect to the Exchange Server: